Survey of Employers of Graduates of CSDS Master's Program
Please take a few minutes to help us understand what we do well in preparing our Communication Sciences and Disorders candidates and what we need to improve. You  will not be identified in any reports that we generate from this survey. Thanks in advance for your time and thanks for your interest and support of Longwood University's Communication Sciences and Disorders Program.
1. Your facility can best be described as:
Based upon your experience in employing Longwood University's graduates, please rate your perception of their preparation in the components of clinical qualities indicated in the table below.

(1 = Clear Weakness ... 3 = Adequate ... 5 = Clear Strength) Components of Clinical Qualities






Completes speech, language and/or hearing screening procedures appropriately.
Conducts appropriate diagnostic evaluations.
Applies current evidence-based practice to service delivery.
Provides appropriate therapy for both group and individual sessions.
Long term and short term goals are appropriate.
Reports are accurate and complete.
Responds appropriately to supervisory feedback.
Maintains positive relationships with clients, staff, and supervisors.
Critiques self honestly and appropriately.
Demonstrates appropriate written communication skills.
Demonstrates appropriate oral communication skills.
Demonstrates ability to independently solve problems.
Demonstrates ability to effectively collaborate with others.
Makes appropriate referrals.
Demonstrates ethical behavior in all professional interactions.
Thanks again for helping us to improve our programs.